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Limewing offers a personalized recruitment experience across various countries. We are internationally connected with many great schools that has allowed us to provide a great experience in the countries we operate locally.

Global Approach Education Recruitment


International Connected

Limewing offers a personalized recruitment experience across various countries. We are internationally connected with many great schools that has allowed us to provide a great experience in the countries we operate locally.


International Curricula

Our stringent school and candidate vetting ensure our community is subject to the highest possible standards of review. as a result, we work with many highly qualified teachers and top education management talent, and we make this talent available to our partner schools.


Internationally Recognised Qualifications

We offer recruitment solutions across the many curriculums that are employed by the schools including International Baccalaureate, American Program, British, Thai, Chinese curriculum as well as everything from American Common Core through to Montessori and most things in between.

We are constantly working to lift our standards, and those of the international school community we aim to support.

Talent Quality 

Pool of 100,000 candidates in the education industry

A pool that has been built and taken care of for many years.
We have experts who work and are dedicated to the education industry



Candidate Job Function

Candidates Certification

Candidate Preview 

Interested to learn more about the quality of our talents?

Reach out today, Let us know the recruitment need of your organisation, and without any strings attached we are happy to share qualified education and management talents based on your schools unique requirements.

Featured Positions 

We know that being the best in our field will help our clients attract top talents in their specific industry.

Our operational excellence is driven by our accumulated experience in the industries we partner with our clients, and it is this deep industry specific understanding in combination with a strong trust relationship and flawless communication that continues to drive value for our clients.

Education Client Type 

​We partner with numerous schools in Europe and the Asia Pacific region with regards to the international recruitment including international schools in China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and the UK. We connect with talent on a global scale taking into account their education, experience, qualifications, and career aspirations.

  • K12 International Schools

  • K12 Bilingual Schools

  • International Kindergarten / Pre-school

  • Bilingual Kindergarten / Pre-school

  • Training Centers

  • Public Schools

  • International Education Consultancy

  • Academic Education

Learning is Fun


Our Search range is for various job functions including but not limited to:

Abstract Architecture


Abstract Building Exterior


Abstract Glass Building

Information Technology

  • Chairman / Head of School

  • Principal

  • Vice Principal

  • Principal of Kindergarten

  • Head of International Department

  • Primary School Curriculum Coordinator

  • Secondary School Curriculum Coordinator

  • High School Curriculum Coordinator

  • IB MYP/PYP/DP Coordinator

  • Language Coordinator

  • Operational Director

  • Director of Teaching & Research

  • Sales Director

  • Marketing Director

  • Academic Director

  • Teaching

  • Kindergarten / Homeroom Teacher

  • Primary / Middle / High School ESL Teacher

  • Math Teacher

  • Economics Teacher

  • Science Teacher

  • Chemistry Teacher

  • Biology Teacher

  • I&S Teacher

  • Computer Science Teacher

  • Geography Teacher

  • History Teacher

  • Physics Teacher

  • PE Teacher

  • Art / Drama / Music Teacher

  • German / French / Spanish Teacher

  • CTO

  • ERP Director

  • Infrastructure Architect

  • Technical Director

  • Java/C++/.Net/PHP Senior Engineer

  • OS/Android Senior Engineer

  • Business Analyst

Abstract Architecture

Sales / Marketing

HR / Legal / Finance


  • Regional Center Manager

  • Center Manager

  • Business Development Manager

  • Admission Manager

  • Admission Director



  • Regional Marketing Manager

  • Senior Marketing Manager

  • Marketing Manager

  • Channel Manager

  • Product Director/Manager

  • Brand Manager

  • APP Spread Manager

  • HR Director

  • HRBP Head

  • HR Manager

  • Legal Director/Manager

  • Corporate Finance Director/Manager

Our End-To-End Recruitment Process

London View
Business Meeting


Client needs

We carry out business validation to verify the legitimacy of the recruitment needs. We help to draw up a talent portray to align the recruitments needs with our client’s organization development strategy. This phase saves time for our clients through the elimination of back-and-forth adjustments in the recruitment plan.


Short List & Interview

Based on our effort during the identification and evaluation phase we short list the most suitable candidates. After client feedback we proceed with the facilitation of the interviews.


Reference Check

We acquire and validate the references and other background information of a candidate to make sure all information provided is accurate and complies to all regulations.


Identification & Evaluation

We identify candidates using the developed recruitment plan that maps out the strategy for attracting as well as hiring the best qualified candidates. We evaluate the profile of the candidates and provide career development guidance based on our client’s organization development strategy.


Report & Offer

We collect and analyze data of similar positions across the market with regards to salary structure, expectations, and other relevant information. This report is shared along with our recommendations to provide advice for the offer negotiation between candidate and client.


Completion & Greeting

We love to hear feedback from our client to continue be of help to their business and to improve our services. Finally, we also like to take a moment to wish the candidate success in their new career.


We are excited to support your organisation's recruitment ambition. 

Get in touch with us today and let us explore the possibilities for a great collaboration.

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