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Our Services


Our consultants act as a partner that interview, short-list qualified candidates based on your requirements, and provide insights on the candidate recommendation reasons, market salary as well as support due diligence.

Talent Mapping

We add value to organizations with our talent mapping reports that identify and provide intelligence on suitable talents with accuracy and speed.

Recruitment Job Fairs

With over 300 alliances globally we have organized more than 50 gatherings across the world. Our tailor-made recruitment fairs provide amazing ways for partners to meet face-to-face with top talent and improve brand awareness. Partners can also benefit from outsourcing recruitment advertisement and onsite recruitment events.

Organisation Development 

We provide HR analytics and design services that, in line with your organisation’s strategy, aim to introduce a HR operating model and workforce plan that improves HR performance across various functions, and provides a personalised employee experience that raises employee engagement and performance.

Executive Search

Our experienced senior consultants are experts with knowledge from different industries, and have a comprehensive understanding of the local market in combination with an extensive regional network. They advise and help you to find, evaluate the business value, and take personal care in introducing top level candidates for senior, executive or other highly specialized positions.

HR Industry Seminars

We present exclusive seminars represented by highly recognized speakers that provide a unique opportunity to network with management executives and engage in a thoughtful dialogue on topics unique to being a company within the Education or Manufacturing industry. Topics such as: Leadership and Culture, Innovations in HR management, Future Employee Journey will help CEO’s, HR and other directors to operate a company better aiding them to maximize the human talent that drives it to success.

Industry Insight Reports

Dealing with the complications of international and local talent we have firsthand experienced on how to deal with any issues along the way. We perform our own data analysis and share insights to our partners on several topics including:

  • Salary Guide

  • Talent & Labor Market Insights

  • Organization HR Review Report

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