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Get to Know Us

Limewing was founded by an international team in the UK in 2014. What started as a recruitment project has grown with one referral at a time into an organization that has built up strong trust relationships with some amazing organizations throughout the UK and Asia. Already from the start Limewing is engages in talent recruitment across borders. An initiative that sprung from the need of highly skilled talent across the globe and the excitement of skilled local talent to embark upon an exciting international career.

Limewing has rapidly grown by showing skill in elevating the recruitment experience during a time in which companies struggle to differentiate themselves in the war for talent. Four years later and Limewing has become one of the most trusted international recruitment agencies in China that initially specialized in the international education industry. At this point Limewing has offices in South Africa, China and the UK.

With the introduction of industry 4.0 in the manufacturing up- and downstream Limewing successfully connected to recruitment opportunities in the car and electronic manufacturing industries. Given this development Limewing specializes itself across two industries; manufacturing and education.

Today, Limewing has forged partnerships throughout China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and the UK. Limewing acts as a trustworthy partner that is able to perform on a consistent basis and is able to bring to life an elevated recruitment experience for the employee and organization.

Looking ahead, while new technologies and processes give new shape to the HR landscape Limewing continues navigate and invest in the right mix of capabilities that drive meaningful services for our partners.

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